Giannis’ closeout game wasn’t the best in Finals history - Stephen A. & Max agree | First Take

Published on Jul 21, 2021
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Giannis’ closeout game wasn’t the best in Finals history - Stephen A. \u0026 Max agree | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Kendrick Perkins debate whether Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 50-point performance in Game 6 was the greatest closeout in NBA Finals history.

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  • J Clutch

    J Clutch

    4 hours ago

    They really praised Giannis for 1 night and now they backtracking it all and takin it away from him

  • Jon Snow

    Jon Snow

    6 hours ago

    Giannis made 50 points on 25 shots against the Suns and Jordan made 45 points on 35 shots against the Jazz

  • Gavin Mast

    Gavin Mast

    7 hours ago

    Why can’t they just say he had a great finals and finals performance giannis obviously did not play in the 70s or those eras

  • ThePlyrMava


    15 hours ago

    How was it not the greatest closeout game in history? It was better than Dirk, better than Magic, better than Jordan in their legendary closeout games.
    Giannis deserves his moment.

  • Rezha Adrian Tanuharja

    Rezha Adrian Tanuharja

    16 hours ago

    Dear ESPN, let SAS take his day off! The guy need some sleep to think clearly

  • Misael C

    Misael C

    19 hours ago

    I really dislike SAS disrespectful attitude towards Max smh makes me not wanna watch his shows

  • Derek Anthony smith

    Derek Anthony smith

    19 hours ago

    Yes I was blew about them free throws

  • Nathan Sellers

    Nathan Sellers

    20 hours ago

    You know what these analysts rarely take into consideration? The super team culture of the NBA. Michael Jordan would be crushed in that era. Would have retired many years earlier.

  • Willis 6

    Willis 6

    21 hour ago

    These 3 shouldn’t have a job anymore

  • Brazybrespo


    Day ago

    Yall all salty cause he changed his
    Mind on his take foh acting like once someone says something they cant change their mind

  • Brian Yochem

    Brian Yochem

    Day ago

    stupid espn what a dumb conversation.

  • yannick willems

    yannick willems

    Day ago

    SAS is a clown

  • Keith Moore

    Keith Moore

    Day ago

    How about building that wall and making him pull up?

  • Nick Papaioannou

    Nick Papaioannou

    Day ago

    Max is starting to get fed up with Stephen a and I don't blame him.

  • C K

    C K

    Day ago

    Max Kellerman: context matters whilst coming up for every reason as to how lucky milkauwee were in there playoff run
    Also Max Kellerman: the greatest all time moment isn't giannis( but its in the moment where I wasn't born )
    You weren't born yet so how would know their road to the finals or have any understanding of context back then
    And plus when the dust settles context doesn't even matter, it's all etched in stone. Did you win a ring or not.

  • Johnason Lin

    Johnason Lin

    Day ago

    Love you Max , keep it up dude. Hope you can overtake SAS one day. Take it as a training and learn from him , but dispose his bad habits don't talk personal and unprofessional impatient black attitude.

  • Kelvin L. M.

    Kelvin L. M.

    Day ago

    Lol just 1 championship in a league full of injuries and suddenly people compared Giannis to Jordan. 🤣🤣🤣.

  • Chrispy


    Day ago

    The title is demeaning

  • Y2Jmarco1


    2 days ago


  • Goro Majima

    Goro Majima

    2 days ago

    Why do people listen to them any more, they're clowns.

  • Kodey Moore

    Kodey Moore

    2 days ago

    ESPN is a joke now

  • Kingpin 561

    Kingpin 561

    2 days ago

    Bro it’s really annoying when people bring up players getting hurt that happens every year bro it’s just the luck of the draw you got to be a little lucky TO WIN a CHAMPIONSHIP

  • sohan1251


    2 days ago

    Can we please just give a champ his flowers for once

  • cosmic rr

    cosmic rr

    2 days ago

    time to unsub this sht!

  • axel lukaszek do carmo

    axel lukaszek do carmo

    2 days ago

    Perk sucks get him fired

  • The Juice Alert !

    The Juice Alert !

    2 days ago

    Giannis’ 50 point game was the best close out game in NBA Finals history.

  • torpedospurs


    2 days ago

    Frasier's 36-7-19 isn't talked about more because everyone just remembers Willis Reed starting the game while bearing a torn thigh.

  • JR Crashin

    JR Crashin

    2 days ago

    Lmao any rice any corn any oxtails any turkey legs 🤣🤣 big perk know how to eat good I can tell

  • Six Winters

    Six Winters

    2 days ago

    I hate when these dudes compare teams from the 80's. The league was unathletic and one dimensional asf then. Exactly why Jordan dominated. Just give Giannis his due. The man scored HALF HIS TEAMS POINTS. Actions speak loud! 🗣

  • Jovani Joestar

    Jovani Joestar

    2 days ago

    If you would of told me MJ dropped 45 and hit the game winner i would of been amazed but think thats why hes Jordan aka the goat if you told me Giannis dropped 50 with 17-19 freethrows and a 3 in the biggest game of his career i would of called you a liar

  • BlueM


    2 days ago

    Inside the NBA with Shaq, Ernie etc is the only legit sports show. First Take and the rest are just scripted tv shows

  • Terence Winters

    Terence Winters

    3 days ago

    His blocks led to transition points. He threw or caught those blocks himself.

  • Corey Wiley

    Corey Wiley

    3 days ago

    Lmao Max pulled Stephen A's card

  • Jon Alvy

    Jon Alvy

    3 days ago

    Magic's first title win in '80 playing for KAJ. Plus a triple double the game before but there are many great players who had great games in finals Giannis is just another.

  • TorresLOL


    3 days ago

    He had 25 shots

  • Bo Rood

    Bo Rood

    3 days ago

    Bob Pettitt, 1958

  • Robby Baguidy

    Robby Baguidy

    3 days ago

    Why they taking away his credit and greatness

  • Joel Olvera

    Joel Olvera

    3 days ago

    SAS was one of the credits criticizing him lmao

  • Perfect Legend

    Perfect Legend

    3 days ago

    Max keep bringing up injuries like its not a part of game! irrelevant

  • Perfect Legend

    Perfect Legend

    3 days ago

    Giannis # 1 right now over Lebron, Kawhi and KD ! PERIOD MVP 2x , DPOTY and Finals MVP and All Star MVP he’s the best right now hands down

  • Chrys Methe

    Chrys Methe

    3 days ago

    America thinks it's always better at something. Funny thing is our education system. Is lacking. When it comes to wars we've failed horribly since WW2.

  • Chrys Methe

    Chrys Methe

    3 days ago

    The Phoenix Suns to me weren't the epic type Finals team

  • Junior-Corrado Soprano

    Junior-Corrado Soprano

    3 days ago

    Oh no u didn't Steven a Smith. Comb ur hair today

  • o dibua

    o dibua

    3 days ago

    These dudes were ready to call Zion Williams the next best player in the world off of nothing/crown him in history, but since Giannis is not American they are down on him... I also never want to hear anyone on this network say defense is important again. They are ignoring an entire half of the game when talking about greatest game.

  • xyzncroni ze

    xyzncroni ze

    3 days ago

    SAS loves showing off infront of perk to make max look stupid

  • Chucky Face

    Chucky Face

    3 days ago

    They wouldn't of beating Brooklyn healthy that's true but Phoenix wouldn't of been in the finals if Lakers or the Clippers were healthy so basically it should of been the Clippers vs Nets in the finals

  • Daebido Buraku

    Daebido Buraku

    3 days ago

    Perkins totally wrote off the Bucks after the Suns won the first 2 games. He said it was impossible for them to win. Now he looks like a jackass



    3 days ago

    Someone drops 50points, 14rbs and 5 blocks and now it's context matters? 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Wow. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SangOh Kim

    SangOh Kim

    3 days ago

    Giannis finally played like a DPOY and it was scary. Can't wait for Bucks Nets series next season. I know Nets were hurt and went to game 7 so most people would have nets as the favorite, but Giannis became a different animal.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Giannis consistently outplays KD by dominating in the paint and making his free throws. And btw, Divincenzo and Jrue Holiday can do a GREAT job defensively on Harden and Kyrie. And they still have different bodies to throw at KD.
    Can't wait to see it, but I have the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 7.

    • Shiv


      3 days ago

      Giannis wasn’t even guarding kd this year playoffs and i think if anyone can slow down kd its him. Hopefully he can step up next year and take the challenge.

  • 10 outta zen

    10 outta zen

    3 days ago

    and enuff with brooklyn was injured.. there was a healthy KD and there was a healthy was an even matchup and the bucks got it done

  • Oblong Rectangle

    Oblong Rectangle

    3 days ago

    At this point, SAS just giving whatever takes to grab attention.

  • omellyify


    3 days ago

    They played that Clyde Frazier footage and I laughed lmao. Ain’t no way that’s better than Giannis

  • Nathan Coletta

    Nathan Coletta

    3 days ago

    Stephen A hates on Giannis, Luka and Jokic so much cos they're European 😂
    Europeans taking over NBA Stephen A 😂

  • Joicy Gangmei

    Joicy Gangmei

    3 days ago

    Stephen A Smith is an American online drop out medical student who wish to be a surgeon..

  • Saiwsi Ntilti

    Saiwsi Ntilti

    3 days ago

    The dirty aftermath oceanographically influence because mexican temporarily scream beyond a crabby hat. uneven, medical bagpipe

  • Young God

    Young God

    3 days ago

    They really full of 🧢

  • Young God

    Young God

    3 days ago

    Stephen A is a hateful condescending scumbag

  • jewel


    3 days ago

    Bro these dudes is clowns

  • Michael Adeyanju

    Michael Adeyanju

    3 days ago

    SAS wished suns won 🤣🤣 u can tell he ain't happy

  • Lan Weng

    Lan Weng

    3 days ago

    Finally perks respect giannis😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • CasperHanseen


    3 days ago

    This is indeed THE BEST closeout game in nba finals HISTORY

    • CasperHanseen


      3 days ago


  • Julie Goyen

    Julie Goyen

    3 days ago

    The colorful laundry identically taste because dish philly scrub to a unknown pest. level, damaged blow

  • Lan Weng

    Lan Weng

    3 days ago

    Not only of off but also in def iconic closing game 50pts 5block

  • Jibbe


    3 days ago

    Context matters ? So why don't you mention that Giannis hyperextended his knee few days before the finals?

  • Garshaun McCombs

    Garshaun McCombs

    3 days ago

    One thing I will say is Giannis team is better now which only helps him ,when a team cant put 100% eyes on just him so I’m saying maybe we should have never criticized him for the previous 2 years

  • Anesu C

    Anesu C

    3 days ago

    I would say it was the single greatest closeout game, in a game 6 in a finals when the game 6 was an elimination of all time.

  • Henry Romain

    Henry Romain

    3 days ago

    Stephen A smith needs to go can’t stand the dude anymore

  • Justin 23

    Justin 23

    3 days ago

    Thought 50 was better than 45 and 42

  • Umoja investing

    Umoja investing

    3 days ago

    Magic Johnson…….

  • Nikitas J.R.

    Nikitas J.R.

    3 days ago

    Perkins u r racist af u hate giannis coz giannis ain't from USA f u 😤

  • Kyle del rosario

    Kyle del rosario

    3 days ago

    giannis should go on a yacht or have some famous rapper beside him and get tattoo this offseason..he also should have flopped or get cramps 12 seconds before the game ends to earn sympathy..instead he remains the humble guy as he is..which i love the most about him..the guy went to a drive thru the day after the finals..lmao..of course kd, lebron and others who won a championship will be better...that's reality

  • Noah Palmer

    Noah Palmer

    3 days ago

    The best closeout game ever was giannis' and 2nd was tim duncan's quadruple double I believe as a rookie (perhaps year 2). The greatest closeout game was MJ's because of the occasion and the circumstance - game winner in what was supposed to be his last ever game to win a 2nd three peat.

  • Rx003


    3 days ago

    Man this title tho

  • solomon oladele

    solomon oladele

    3 days ago

    Respect to Perkins💯💯🙌🏾

  • MambaRooskii


    3 days ago

    As soon as perkins opens his mouth i change the viewo

  • Arcadian


    3 days ago

    His name is Walt Frazier.

  • Jef Bishop

    Jef Bishop

    3 days ago

    They beat the Nets please give me credit for that , the suns beat them too , KD was okay , no excuse give them credit max killerman

  • Barry Sanders

    Barry Sanders

    3 days ago

    Max is right. Clyde killed a strong Lakers team. On both sides. And he is no where near 7 ft like Giannis.

  • Karim Wood

    Karim Wood

    3 days ago

    Giannis had a better close out game than MJ did for his 1st championship at a similar age.

  • C T

    C T

    3 days ago

    When Perk has a segment “he did it in great fashion” “address like the numbers on the house “ every. single. time.

  • I G

    I G

    3 days ago

    perkins is so awkward do they have to stare at us like that while theyre not talking

  • Tazz 215

    Tazz 215

    3 days ago

    1st time brothers won a championship together and back 2 back

  • Abhimanyu Yadav

    Abhimanyu Yadav

    3 days ago

    What is even the point of coming up with these video titles??? They win a chip and this is your bumass caption????

  • YoungReezy DaGoat

    YoungReezy DaGoat

    3 days ago

    Giannis Lucky asf he Cheaped Shoted Kyrie or we wouldn’t be talking about him. But now he’ll stay and now we get a round 2🥱😈

  • Maxwell Dyer

    Maxwell Dyer

    3 days ago

    The chemistry on this show is awful u can tell stephen a and max dont really like eachothet

  • east west

    east west

    3 days ago

    Truth is espn hired stephen for controversy not analysis .

  • Mercury M

    Mercury M

    3 days ago

    He overcame his short comings in the most pivotal moment! That’s just unbridled confidence.

  • nvr2serious cc

    nvr2serious cc

    3 days ago

    SAS gotta go....he deviated from being a good analyst to a pure diva entertainer....cannot give non Americans their just deserved respect

  • Maki Villaverde

    Maki Villaverde

    3 days ago

    SAS make blasphemy again really no wonder he watered down these days

  • Jerzflow


    3 days ago

    Sleepy Smith

  • top notch sports

    top notch sports

    3 days ago

    of course not. dont get silly bec he won 1 against a below average team that had 1 good season.

  • p1trickcdn


    3 days ago

    Max - ok so it's not the best?
    Stephen a - did I not say that?
    Max - so it's not the best?
    Stephen a - can't put it anything above Jordan's 45
    Max - ok. I agree it's not the best. It is not the best.
    Stephen a - here's why you're wrong

  • Benjamin Briggs

    Benjamin Briggs

    3 days ago

    Game on the line. Open Shot. The fate of the Universe. Martians have a laser point at Earth… I WANT IGUADALA

  • Bryant Brenton Brito

    Bryant Brenton Brito

    3 days ago

    Proverbs 13:20 “Walk With The Wise And Become Wise,For A Companion Of Fools Suffers Harm” HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH AMÉN GOD BLESS YOU ALL🙏❤️🙌🤲 JESÚS THANK YOU AMÉN

  • Nick DOE

    Nick DOE

    3 days ago

    Its crazy how American media hates on Giannis. If he was american born they'd be singing a different tune

  • D Chris

    D Chris

    3 days ago

    It’s crazy to me that even tho his brothers are useless af and they can still all go home say they’re nba champions

  • Conrad Russ

    Conrad Russ

    4 days ago

    Max keeps bringing up the Bucks wouldn’t have made it to the finals if the Nets were healthy. Well Max, they are in the finals that’s all that matters

  • Timothy Pernell

    Timothy Pernell

    4 days ago

    Stephen A must of seen the huge 2.5k+ dislikes and comments from the first segment and adjusted his tune.

  • Flash Gordon

    Flash Gordon

    4 days ago

    Tim Duncan

  • The Black Rose

    The Black Rose

    4 days ago

    Stephen A XENOPHOBIA is unmatched but he will get away with it cause he’s black. Bock privilege in America does exist. This a living example

    • Nura A

      Nura A

      2 days ago

      Black people used to even hate on Kobe because he grew up in Italy. This goes very deep. It’s a cultural bias that SAS has. I think Kobe would’ve liked Giannis. Both were outsiders without many friends in the league. They were isolated and weren’t besties with any other NBA players. Both were focused. Both never left the team that drafted them. Both were bilingual. Both had athlete fathers. Both grew up in all white Euro countries (Italy and Greece).