Stephen A. thinks Chris Paul's championship window is officially closed | First Take

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  • Jim Dowsett

    Jim Dowsett

    36 minutes ago

    Can’t in Phoenix, gotta ring chase now.

  • YouTube Vanced

    YouTube Vanced

    Hour ago

    It seems Rajon Rondo was right, at least for now. CP3 will never get a ring. 💍😅

  • 89Trapbaby J Cole

    89Trapbaby J Cole

    4 hours ago

    The suns can still get a ring. They had the youngest team in the playoffs and went to the finals

  • Nile Milky

    Nile Milky

    6 hours ago

    If cp3 opt lower he can fit in suns cap

  • IAMU


    8 hours ago

    Lakers Off-season Trade:
    1. Trade K. Kuzma & 2023 & 2025 2nd round draft pick for CP3 or DeMar D. (DeMar is a better pick)
    2. Sign & Trade Dennis S. for K. Lowry & 2026 1st draft pick
    3. Sign & Trade K. Pope & M. Harrell for J. Allen 2024 1st round draft pick
    4. Sign & Trade Alex C. & M. Morris for Marvin B. III
    5. Sign & Trade Andre D. & West M. for A. Ball
    6. Resign D'Wight H. & J. McGee
    Starting Lineup:
    1. L. Ball - Point Guard
    2. K. Lowry - Shooting Guard
    3. L. James - Small Forward
    4. A. Davis - Power Forward
    5. J. Allen - Center
    2nd Unit Lineup:
    6. CP3 or DeMar D. - Point Guard
    7. Talon H.T. - Shooting Guard
    8. Marvin B. III - Small Forward
    9. D. Howard - Power Forward
    10. J. McGee - Center
    11. Ben McLemore
    12. Kostas Antetokounmpo - D League
    13. Devontae Cacok - D League
    14. LiAngelo Ball - D League
    15. Jared Dudley?
    16. Open Spot?

  • Jay Mondal

    Jay Mondal

    9 hours ago

    The whole chemistry of this crew is in shambles now.. It’s obvious Max, Stephen A and Perk don’t get along and are just waiting for an opportunity to get on each other’s throats .. also obvious they consistently gang up and bully Max and Molly always is treading on egg shells between these men

  • Joman Joe Razonable

    Joman Joe Razonable

    9 hours ago

    Melo and CP3 red alert🩸now its time to join GOAT JAMES for NBA Champ 🏆

  • Ty Hamell

    Ty Hamell

    10 hours ago

    im late but the lakers are over AD will always be hurt they had a 3 month break before their bubble championship and lebron will be older…
    if chris paul really want another legit shot now either do a sign and trade for ben simmons are he can flat out and leave to go the 76’ers.
    if the 76ers had Paul they would’ve had a wayyyy better chance

  • Hunga Bunga

    Hunga Bunga

    10 hours ago

    The Glove got a ring😶

  • Hunga Bunga

    Hunga Bunga

    10 hours ago

    Y'all hating on the Sun's. That's a young team.

  • Daniel Glass

    Daniel Glass

    12 hours ago

    But CP will get him a ring he is not leaving the nba without a ring he came too close to just hang it up and walk away empty-handed

  • Daniel Glass

    Daniel Glass

    12 hours ago

    I like how Perk made it seem like Murray won't be back at full strength but think AD will be back at full strength, I tell you what the Lakers will NEED someone else scoring the basketball if they go for Russell, and it's Westbrook and Bron then yes they will gel during the season because Bron is a facilitator and Westbrook can attack then when Westbrook is resting Bron can use that stored up energy to attack and those two will keep the Lakers afloat in the West and competitive but they will need a stay healthy AD to win a championship

  • Carlos


    13 hours ago

    Is Close as the best or second best player in a team

  • Silver


    13 hours ago

    They were a number 2 seed in the West. I think he should stay in Phoenix, and see if they can improve. You never know what can happen, but there are a lot of young guys with a lot of upside

  • Shawn Martin

    Shawn Martin

    18 hours ago

    Stop it CP3 can't play with Lebron. Lebron is ball dominant and is the starting point guard for the lakers. And since CP3 is a true point guard he needs the ball just as munch as James. The lakers need solid Bigs in the rotation and another tall 3&D sniper. They have enough solid guards and wings with Championship experience. 💯🏀

  • [999]


    18 hours ago

    The perfect fit for Chris paul is The Clippers because The clippers need a leader and with chris paul is one of the best leader in the league.If Kawhi Stay Just Imagine that Perimeter Defense Cp3,PG13,and the Klaw with Patrick Beverley off the bench

  • David Baylon 🇺🇸

    David Baylon 🇺🇸

    21 hour ago

    This man
    is no good smelly
    boule member. 🤧🤢

  • Po Lan

    Po Lan

    22 hours ago


  • Steve


    23 hours ago

    He can still get a meaningful ring on a few teams as a starting pg

  • Natejdub


    Day ago

    F you SAS Dame staying in portland you bish

  • Johnny guitar Watson

    Johnny guitar Watson

    Day ago

    I believe cp3 can win a RING with contender, being a major contributor & still ELITE, but the money he will give up, will have him restless in the bed at NITE!

  • TheTheThePresident Blinden

    TheTheThePresident Blinden

    Day ago

    He was 2-0 in the finals. Give him a break this is early offseason. To be making these kind of predictions is just hey what do we talk about? Who’s coming up with this stuff on espn

  • d boy313

    d boy313

    Day ago

    Golden state just need clay back

  • DJ DJ

    DJ DJ

    Day ago

    SAS always talking about someones money.

  • Kenneth Mason

    Kenneth Mason

    Day ago

    Trade his to the 76sers for Ben and another piece. Sun's need size plus he can conduct Philly to a championship

  • robert Claessens

    robert Claessens

    Day ago

    It'll close when he retires!

  • FC Guam

    FC Guam

    Day ago

    Yeah , maybe UNLESS he joins TOP 3 KD, Kyrie and Harden , the Nets ... or if Clay fully back joins GSW backup for Curry , or if Lakers get a great option #2 to help Davis/James and great bench , he maybe could TEAMup with Lakers , ... sht anything could happen next 3 months , BUT you be right SA , i dont think CP3 as option 1 or 2 will get a ring. CP3 in my book is TOP 7-8 NBA Guards GOAT 👍. I think what makes it sad because CP3 is a great person AND one of the greatest basketball entertainer , many many fans were praying he get a ring this season .

  • Jay Ann

    Jay Ann

    Day ago

    Stephen A is never the same after his wrongfully predictions of bucks and suns lol🤣

  • Mark Norman

    Mark Norman

    Day ago

    This is another stupid hype ratings catch phrase.. “his window has closed.” The guy is a shrimp. He’s never gonna be the Alpha on a championship team. Period. He can play like a superstar at times yes. But in the heat of battle be it a big regular season game or a playoff game defensively he gets knocked around and out of the way and shot over like he’s not there. His cocky little Napoleon attitude sort of makes it seem fitting that he is repeatedly denied, but certainly in the right circumstances with a KD and company for example he could have been for sure an important piece of a championship and explosive. He’s still an amazing athletic specimen, a tremendously efficient passer and HOF without question.

  • Rodney Rucker

    Rodney Rucker

    Day ago

    f--k sas

  • Marc Kalloo

    Marc Kalloo

    Day ago

    As sad to admit this was the real closet cp3 got to winning a ring, year after year we could lead a team to get one step closer this year u couldn’t have written it better, Lebron out early, nets wasn’t healthy, bucks was just the better team 😞😞 I hope he makes one more run



    Day ago

    Chris Paul winning a ring as 3rd options would be more meaningful than Durants 2 rings

    • Dwight Yawg

      Dwight Yawg

      18 hours ago

      Imma Warriors fan & I agree

  • MakeDredd2


    Day ago

    Yes, it’s time to trade Chris Paul for Cliff Paul!

  • emersonssbb


    Day ago

    ITs never too late to win a ring. Jason Kidd won championship during his 19 th season.

  • englewood price

    englewood price

    Day ago

    it seemed like the stars aligned for the suns and they still couldn't get it done. i think it clearly showed that he cant lead a team to a championship. he is more of like a 3rd option. i see cp3 on another team. not the lakers though, perhaps the heat or mavs

  • Alex Stathopoulos

    Alex Stathopoulos

    Day ago

    I love the fact Perk can say ‘I don’t agree’ and then go on to agree exactly with what they said

  • joker corrales

    joker corrales

    Day ago

    cp3 is done,no chance to get a ring hes a looser

  • Joy Davenport

    Joy Davenport

    Day ago

    Chris Paul will not turn down 44 mil to play with Lakers. There is no guarantee Lakers will win or even reach Finals despite how much these pundits repeat it as fact. The rest of the league has caught up with Lebron and will not roll over just because the media says so.

  • Chrispy


    Day ago

    I was right all along g

  • Cedric Fraizer

    Cedric Fraizer

    2 days ago

    Go to the Lakers if that don't work hang it up

  • BleedWolf


    2 days ago

    His chances are slim

  • GhostOfSJ


    2 days ago

    Tbh he should just go to the Lakers and team up with Lebron. These two have great chemistry. It’s his best chance (possibly last) at finally winning a chip.

  • Baba Tunde

    Baba Tunde

    2 days ago

    He has to join the lakers if he wants chance

  • Brad Young

    Brad Young

    2 days ago

    His window is closed if he wants 35 million each for 2 years. That will handicap a team on an aging player. Lakers cant even do that for Paul. They would have an even worse bench just to get paul

  • Ramen Sushi

    Ramen Sushi

    2 days ago

    Funny they keep mentioning CP3 age Will be an issue and nobody mention LeBron 37-38 year old ...the guy was out of juice during the playoffs

  • kevin flaherty

    kevin flaherty

    2 days ago

    Cp3 will only win championship if he goes to another team,sun's don't have enough right now to repeat with other teams in West getting back their healthy players.

  • Francis Washinton

    Francis Washinton

    2 days ago


  • Southers Spartan

    Southers Spartan

    2 days ago

    you all think Lillard is really leaving Portland

  • Josh


    2 days ago

    First time Perk didn’t completely disagree with max

  • Tee.M 2019

    Tee.M 2019

    2 days ago

    I just want to say Max is an idiot

  • rick schofield

    rick schofield

    2 days ago

    One thing we can be sure of in the nba is that nothing is for sure

  • James Stinedurf

    James Stinedurf

    2 days ago

    he can still have a chance on the Lakers

  • blaza boss

    blaza boss

    2 days ago

    You can see that way Stephen speaking right now he is uncomfortable he like to scream and disrespect black players

  • Jay Bones

    Jay Bones

    2 days ago

    stephen a window closing too ya boy is looking haggard

  • Victor Cardiel

    Victor Cardiel

    2 days ago

    No one even picked the suns to make past an 8 seed this year. Not surprising they think suns are done suns are going to prove them wrong again I expect the suns to make it at least to the 3rd round but we will see

  • Joel Brown

    Joel Brown

    2 days ago

    It’s cop out and a weak as move to bring up injuries giving certain players a chance a title when throughout sports history players will get hurt the difference is when players brag about how good they are but the world see them get in a corner and get out of it whoever wins a championship is the winner just wait til next year when team plays and hope they don’t get injured

  • zomgitsgabe


    2 days ago

    Too bad for Chris Paul. Was really rooting for him.

    • zomgitsgabe


      2 days ago

      @Chill Bro yea true but giannis still young. Chris Paul practically has no chance at a title anymore unless he joins a super team. This year was his chance and he couldn't get it done. So sad.

    • Chill Bro

      Chill Bro

      2 days ago

      It's always hard to choose when there are two historical moments that can happen. Both teams give you good reason to root for them.

  • A Parker Sr

    A Parker Sr

    2 days ago

    I think the whole league could get COVID and he still couldn't win a chip 😭😭

  • daddy


    2 days ago

    Chirs paul goin to the LAKERS

  • Joker06


    2 days ago

    I thought the Suns were supposed to be "the next dynasty". Perk is an idiot.

  • Leroy Rodgers

    Leroy Rodgers

    2 days ago

    In a really messed up way, this playoff run almost PERFECTLY summed up his post season career.

  • JustMoseyinAround


    2 days ago

    *Everyone keeps saying LA Lakers... Why not the Clippers? It'll be him and PG until Kawhi comes back for the playoffs. LeBron is LeBron but dude is gonna be 37 and AD 47 with his fragile body. Seems like Clippers might sneak up on everyone in the CP3 sweepstakes, If he leave the Suns IMO*

    • wade is so old

      wade is so old

      Day ago

      Clippers traded him years ago he’s never playing for them again. Kawhi is going to be coming back late in the season from a torn acl (that’s if he comes back) he won’t be ready playoff time. Cp3 and bron wanted to play together for years it just makes the most sense.

  • Never Know

    Never Know

    2 days ago

    Funny thing is all y'all who agree was CP3'd out after Game 2 now y'all Writing him off.....Hypocrisy at it's Best!

  • Rasheed Shotuyo

    Rasheed Shotuyo

    2 days ago

    Not if he goes to miami.



    2 days ago

    I pray cp3 wins a championship 🙏🏼

  • James Lucio

    James Lucio

    2 days ago

    once again, Stephen A giving comments just to hype himself up..

  • G


    2 days ago

    i LOVE seeing chris paul lose

  • Jose Calderon

    Jose Calderon

    2 days ago

    unfortunately, with all teams healthy, he is not making the finals again.

  • Knock Out

    Knock Out

    2 days ago

    I hope so. Can’t stand CP0.

  • Onyedikachi Ibeji

    Onyedikachi Ibeji

    2 days ago

    He didnt bring up Denver, Utah...

  • Juan Pagan

    Juan Pagan

    2 days ago

    Perdio la oportunidad

  • Platinum x 1k

    Platinum x 1k

    2 days ago

    I didn’t want him to win cuz of how he plays anymore

  • KPH Tv Official KONESANS.

    KPH Tv Official KONESANS.

    2 days ago

    I wanted CP3 to get a ring so bad. But unfortunately for a star like him.

  • Ciao Jay

    Ciao Jay

    2 days ago

    Wow what a way to discredit Suns play-off run Max Kellerman

  • Gonzalo Tarifa Rodriguez

    Gonzalo Tarifa Rodriguez

    2 days ago

    CP3 to the clippers

  • triodesrbetter


    2 days ago

    Suns will be back as a contender next season. They'll be better because Ayton will be.

  • Maryann F.

    Maryann F.

    2 days ago

    If cp3 goes to the lakers its not a closed window yet

  • Bo55edup


    2 days ago

    I think it's definitely over for him winning a ring, he'll continue to collect the big paydays but to really compete I think those days are over. He's toward the end of his career and doesn't have the time to develop/build a young team around him with the hopes that eventually they'll be championship contenders. If there was any time for CP3 to win it was now and after the 1st 2 games it seemed liked it could be a reality him winning but after game 5 that door was closed and he knew that, there was no way the Bucks were losing at home after a 3 game win streak and knowing what was on the line. CP3 will go down with the rest of the great hall of famers who led their team and got a taste of the finals but not the chip like Miller, Iverson, Barkley, etc.

  • The Great 1

    The Great 1

    2 days ago

    Him and melo in ny make it happen

  • NNO NoNightsOff

    NNO NoNightsOff

    2 days ago

    Y’all thought his championship window ended when he got traded to OKC. He led them to the #5 seed in the west.
    Y’all thought his championship window closed when he got traded to Phoenix. He led them to the #2 seed in the west and to the finals.
    Moral of the story: don’t count CP3 out. He wins everywhere he goes. Window still open.

  • FrankWhite248


    2 days ago

    The HOF ? graphic is so stupid lol

  • vamsi jayasimha karanam

    vamsi jayasimha karanam

    2 days ago

    Stephen A smith has this habit of sh*tting on the players who are down

  • John Szczerba

    John Szczerba

    2 days ago

    Maybe he can learn to not trip over his own feet and turn the ball over every 4th quarter? Funny I don't remember other great point guards playing like trash like that

  • billy fatbowe

    billy fatbowe

    2 days ago

    Sas THINKS😂🤣😅

  • Sniper Seven

    Sniper Seven

    2 days ago

    Yea that window shut close at this point wit nails in it 😭😂😂 he playing 4 the checks at this point 💯

  • James handy

    James handy

    2 days ago

    Hes such warriors hate
    Thats what you all do Kendrick per

  • E Money

    E Money

    2 days ago

    Man if u opt out off 44 million ur most definitely ring chancing ain’t no team bout to Sign CP3 over more then that let’s be real here

  • Buddy


    2 days ago

    Closed unless he defects to Lakers or Bucks

  • LuisEmilio91


    2 days ago

    Perk said you can rely on AD being healthy next year…the only way AD is healthy is during a pandemic layoff you can never rely on AD being healthy!

  • James Laing

    James Laing

    3 days ago

    Bro why people keep saying the lakers are a superteam it’s literally lebron and AD that’s it, so that’s a superteam 😅😅



    3 days ago

    CP3 threw this series this guy average 20+ points a game...not sure but I don't think he every dropped 20 points i this series and lots of turnovers.

  • buk kuk

    buk kuk

    3 days ago

    CP3 .. almost like Barkley with the Suns .. .. thwy lost .. except.Barkley was.MVP at that time .. and he played Jordan ...

  • Tony Gray

    Tony Gray

    3 days ago

    IAM afraid so.

  • William Plantenga

    William Plantenga

    3 days ago

    Unless he joins a super team, yes. He shouldn't have made it this year, but the injury stars aligned and this was his shot. Won't be another if he stays in Phoenix, he won't win one.

  • Cartier Tae

    Cartier Tae

    3 days ago

    If CP3 get traded to the Lakers then he'll be in the picture again

  • iamlegend148


    3 days ago

    Window wide open. Just depends what he does

  • Christopher jan Dones

    Christopher jan Dones

    3 days ago

    Stephen a if cp3 plays with lakers next season do you still think his window is closed? Naah, you dont know what will happen next so pls

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Rajesh Kumar

    3 days ago

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  • Terence Winters

    Terence Winters

    3 days ago

    These guys are actually making sense instead of shouting at each other .

  • Mrjovaun86


    3 days ago

    They missing one piece in Phoenix